About Bioptic Coder

Developer with bioptic glasses at desk
Vision Meets Innovation: The Bioptic Coder at Work
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Welcome to Bioptic Coder, where the world of software development meets a unique vision, quite literally!

I'm a seasoned software engineer with 13 years under my belt and a passionate advocate for accessibility in the tech world. My journey in this field has taken me from advertising to telecom and various big enterprises, with a heavy focus on software development, cloud hosting, and DevOps, primarily in a consulting environment.

But here's the twist: I see the world a little differently. Diagnosed with foveal hypoplasia, congenital horizontal nystagmus, and strabismus, my vision hovers around 20/150. This puts me on the cusp of legal blindness, putting me on the fence between multiple identities. It also gives me a vantage point that gives me a unique perspective on the world.

Why "Bioptic Coder"? Well, "Bioptic" stems from the bioptic driving glasses used by visually impaired individuals – a nod to my own visual challenges. "Coder" is, of course, a salute to my profession and passion. Together, they form a lens (pun intended) through which I explore the tech world.

What's On The Blog?

Bioptic Coder is more than just a personal narrative; it's a resource and a community. Here, we'll dive into:

  • Living and Thriving Professionally with Visual Impairment: I'll share insights and experiences of navigating the professional world with a visual impairment, offering tips and encouragement for others in similar situations.
  • Accessibility in Tech: Accessibility isn't just a buzzword; it's a necessity. Expect discussions on making technology more inclusive, from software design to workplace adaptations.
  • The Intersection of Tech and Visual Impairment: Where does technology meet visual impairment? We'll explore tools, techniques, and innovations that are breaking new ground.
  • Consulting Skills and Career Tips: Drawing from my extensive consulting experience, I'll offer advice on navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the tech industry.
  • New Technologies: Stay tuned for my take on the latest in software development, cloud hosting, and all things tech.

A Bit More Personal

I'm a Mac user, reliant on screen magnifiers and, for those longer reads, a screen reader. But don't think for a second that slows me down. If anything, it's given me a deeper appreciation for user-friendly design and the power of technology to adapt to our needs.

So, whether you're here for the tech insights, the accessibility discussions, or just to see the world from a new perspective, welcome aboard!